Finding the Joy in a Gloomy Day of Travel

April 10, 2014
“I don’t want you to hide any aspect of your being, not just for your life but for mine also. If you allow your strangeness to strut around in broad daylight, you invite mine to come out to play, too. We are only as limited as our own imagination …I want you to feel the magic that’s rubbing elbows with you in this moment.” – Meggan Watterson, REVEAL – A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked

I wrote this one a while ago, capturing my thoughts in the moment to save for a rainy day. Am posting today because I have a rare hour of internet connection…

The idea of 4 miles of mud on my freshly-washed sneakers could have kept me indoors, searching for a ride in the drizzle with no cars in sight might have made me turn back, the prospect of 6 hours on a bus did not appeal.

But I would have missed out on the spontaneous meeting and generosity of a friendly, familiar family in the next town (whose father’s rezo I attended my first week in site) and who remembered me, fed me, kept me out of the rain, invited me to Sunday dinner, and whose husband ran into the muddy road to negotiate a ride for me with a passing car. I would have missed out on text message notifications from the seat next to me on the bus that sounded like Alvin the Chipmonk sneezing for 4 hours but whom I forgave because his cologne was to die for. I would have missed out on the driver with the hyena laugh whose idea of entertainment was calling me “Americana” every 10 minutes. I would have missed out on my bus trip to the hotel with a driver playing tunes from the Beach Boys and Beatles and one catchy number that caused me to sing along out loud (which I NEVER do as this is usually detrimental to the sanity of those nearby lol) and I had to restrain myself from dancing in the aisle. After I approached the bus driver and told him how much I appreciated his choice in music I noticed he too was snapping his fingers in rhythm to the music, grinning, and watching me singing to myself. The kids across the aisle had no idea WHAT to think of me beebopping in my seat, playing rhythm on my knees, smiling hugely and feeling totally alive despite the dark and rain and having left my house nine hours ago. What makes a happy day? You do! I do! Any moment, any day, we have the choice to be present, enjoy what is, to feel alive, to be grateful that we can FEEL and LOVE and have CHOICES and wake up each morning with another chance to do it again! Woohoo!

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4 thoughts on “Finding the Joy in a Gloomy Day of Travel

  1. It’s a brilliant feeling when you realise just how precious life is.

  2. the ocean of life .. in a small bus somewhere in Paraguay .. I can see a visual of looking into the windows from outside the bus… A sunflower beaming and the sun shining from the souls within and around you- love it.

  3. Judy

    Beautiful post Sunflower! Thanks for reminding me(us) that everyday we have a choice to be who we are in the moment. Hugs! 🙂

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