25 Ways Tango Mirrors Life

I’ve done a lot of dancing lately and can’t help but reflect on the myriad ways the lessons learned from tango apply off the dance floor too. Here are “25 Things Tango Taught Me About Life”:

  1. To get the most out of it, you must throw your heart into it.
  2. One can never have too many shoes.
  3. A tango danced with passion is always better than one where you’re just going through the motions.
  4. There are some folks we love to dance with and others we wish to avoid. There are usually good reasons for this. Don’t apologize for your choices.
  5. Be patient and kind with beginners. You were one once too.
  6. Your dance is more interesting when decorated and adorned.
  7. Work to be the best partner you can be. Seek to understand both perspectives.
  8. Maintain balance and make every step count.
  9. Be bold, humble, generous, kind, creative. Don’t hide your voice.
  10. When you to screw up, pretend you MEANT to do that, have a laugh, and don’t let it slow you down.
  11. With your partner, create a dance that works for both of you.
  12. Listen to the music. Let it guide your steps. Trust your heart and soul to lead you vibrantly in the right direction at the right time.
  13. It’s ok to say no. Don’t let anyone push you around.
  14. As you feel moved, go with it.
  15. When everyone on the dance floor is kind, respectful, and plays by the rules, we all have a better time.
  16. At times the music urges us to be slow or playful, other times it demands all our energy or passion. Life sprinkles our days with the same spectrum. We ebb and flow accordingly.
  17. Sometimes you’re the kicker, sometimes you’re the kickee. Put a band-aid on it and get back out there.
  18. To dance out of sync with the music is uncomfortable and awkward. To live out of sync with your soul is like swimming against the tide. Sync up and enjoy the ride, baby.
  19. Learning tango requires patience and practice. The best things in Life are those for which we work hardest. Both are worth the wait and effort.
  20. Don’t stop in the middle of the dance floor. You’ll get run over. If you need a breather, step aside, find a friend, and let others pass.
  21. Everyone’s dance style is unique to them. Be the best version of YOU and do it with gusto!
  22. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to pause before taking the next step.
  23. Hold your partner like you mean it.
  24. Dance like no one is watching.
  25. Don’t hold back. Give your dance and your Life everything you’ve got!

Dancers – what would YOU add to this list?

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2 thoughts on “25 Ways Tango Mirrors Life

  1. I really love this post. I love the first one which centers me to know that yes… life and dance all require heart and I am looking forward to the analogies of wisdom to follow… And then your humor side swipes me with number 2 and I think… Oh yes, this is the important gem in the list…

    Your posts, all have messages for me, for us… I love how they merrily float on the surface and then dive deep to the real knowledge that you share all the while making me laugh, think, and love in your words-

    I think the only addition I would add even thou it was there between the lines… is add two words at the end of each one… “and smile.” …

    … now off to the shoe store …

    • Thanks, inallouryears. Yes, SMILE is a very important addition. I couldn’t resist the shoe comment because pretty shoes are half the fun! And Paraguay has lightened my sense of humor significantly these past two years. 🙂 HUGS to you!

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